Realization of institutional materials

We create informative or promotional materials for communication campaigns, dealing with the customer, to know the best of its objectives and resources, and supporting it in every phase.

The benefits of materials and initiatives developed for cultural heritage

Information materials play an important role in an institution’s communication strategy, as they represent a way to ensure a strong and lasting impact and to awaken curiosity and interest in a topic.

The materials we make:

Posters, stickers and banners

We make posters, stickers, banners with evocative visual images and one-way messages.

Factsheets, brochures, newsletters, guidelines and manuals

We produce factsheets, brochures, newsletters, guidelines and manuals for vertical and in-depth communication.


Social Media and Websites

We carry out social media campaigns and websites for widespread and effective communication.



Surprise your customers with a gadget

If you are looking for an original gadget for your customers or visitors to your institution, Mazzini Lab can offer you some creative solutions with graphic designs of the articles and specifications of every detail.

We combine creative thinking with the concreteness of its realization, thinking about the effectiveness of the message to be transmitted through the object, in order to produce a new and effective promotional article.

From concept to completion

We dialogue with the suppliers, providing the graphic files and following the phases of realization, so that to the customer arrives the finished product, without having to think of other.

The characteristics of our gadgets:

In line with your mission

They are representative of your institution and your mission.

Functionality and creativity

They are a combination of functional and fun, innovative and classic.

Imagination and action

They are a surprise and stimulate imagination and action.