SOS Heritage – Creative Europe

The challenge of digitalisation

Mazzini Lab is the coordinator of the EU Creative Europe project SOS Heritage (Agreement n° 101055573), which has been designed to develop concrete actions to support the cultural heritage sector in facing the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation, digital access and risk management.

The objectives of the project

The project aims at promoting the best practices of communication and digital content creation to engage communities and stakeholder. A web app will be developed to help cultural heritage operators in handling their risk assessment and management procedures, and an open, online training course on “Risk management of cultural heritage” will be targeted at cultural heritage owners, managers, and operators.

The specific objectives of the project

Identify best practices

To share and test best practices of digital content creation and communication for successful stakeholders and community engagement.

Innovative digital platform

To develop and test a web app, designed to help professionals handle their risk assessment procedures and produce risk management plans in an immediate, digital way. 


Training course

To develop and test a training course on “Risk management of cultural heritage” targeted at owners, managers and professionals.


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