Charisma project – Erasmus+

Risk Manager of Cultural Heritage

Mazzini Lab is the leader of the Erasmus + Charisma project (Risk Management for Cultural Heritage) which aims to develop and pilot a new VET curriculum to meet the needs of the labour market in the Cultural Heritage sector in the face of climate change, formalising necessary skills and competences for a new professional figure.

The purpose of the project

The project starts from the new challenges that climate change poses towards tangible cultural heritage: these new risks must be understood and faced in their complexity, adopting a multilevel approach. The skills and competences needed to manage and promote tangible cultural heritage must be integrated with risk assessment and prevention.

The specific objectives of the project

Gather evidence

Gather evidence and raise awareness among stakeholders in Europe about the need for well-trained and qualified figures in the field of cultural heritage risk assessment.

Job market needs

Analyze the different levels of skills and competences needed by the labour market to protect tangible cultural heritage from climate change.


Digital tool

Prototype a digital tool (a cloud database with a user interface) necessary for VET trainees to test their skills and gain practical experience as a Risk Managers.

Training Course

Create and test a modular Vocational Training Course for Risk Managers and Cultural Heritage Officers on Climate Change in four European countries, designed for blended learning.

The partners of the project

The stakeholders



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