Our services

Mazzini Lab designs and implements sustainable valorization and risk management actions for cultural heritage.

What we do

Mazzini Lab offers a wide range of services dedicated to cultural heritage, in particular in the fields of risk prevention, communication, enhancement of the value of the assets and training in the field of prevention and emergency management.


Risk assessment

We carry out accurate risk analysis in places that preserve cultural heritage.

Emergency plans

We implement Emergency Plans tailored to your institution.

Mitigating actions

Together with you, we design the best risk mitigation actions on your assets.


Communication plans

We implement comprehensive communication plans in line with your mission and help you manage communication during crisis situations.

Meetings and events

We organize conferences, meetings and events for your organization.

Realization of institutional materials and gadgets

We produce informative and informative materials and original gadgets for your customers or for the visitors of your institution.


Creation and reorganization of archives

We guide you in the creation of your historical archive, from reordering to the choice of appropriate software, proposing subsequent actions to enhance the content.

Creation of corporate monographs

We support you in the creation of a monograph, taking care of the editorial project from the idea to the realization.

Design of virtual visits and online activities

We carry out virtual tours of your exhibition spaces and online projects and initiatives for your audience.


Emergency prevention and management training courses

We organize training courses on prevention and management of emergencies on cultural heritage, including theoretical lessons and practical exercises, developing them according to customer needs.

Online courses, workshops and seminars

We support you in the implementation of training courses, workshops and online seminars. We want our customers to focus on the content to be offered, leaving the entire development part to a professional team.

Practical exercises and emergency simulations

We organize practical exercises of emergency scenarios in collaboration with the Fire Department, Civil Protection and specialized companies in the sector.



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