Safety and Emergency Plan:

Collection of documents

What is a Safety and Emergency Plan and what is it for? Discover it in our insights and download the guidelines to draft your Plan

Documentation allows you to obtain a preliminary analysis of the risks and to test the awareness of the staff

The first step in drafting an effective Safety and Emergency Plan is the collection of all the useful documentation already available in the museum, archive, or library. These documents can serve as a starting point for drafting a tailor-made strategy for the institution.

The documents that may be useful for the preliminary survey of the risks are the following:


  • Floor plans of the building, essential for identifying the weak points of the building in the preliminary step, with detailed indication of the fire and intrusion safety systems and, possibly, of the positioning of the water and air conditioning systems.


  • Emergency Plan pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08, containing much of the basic information for emergency response procedures, can be used as a trace for identifying tasks and responsibilities.


  • Evacuation plans, useful for a first analysis of the possibilities of reaction to an emergency thanks to the indication of emergency exits, placement of fire extinguishers and meeting place in case of emergency.


  • Facility reports, used to certify the museum’s ability to guarantee the security of the artworks during loans, it contains a lot of information about the risks to which the building is subject and the conservation procedures fo the collections.


  • Catalogues of the artworks, with their location and state of conservation, they contain fundamental information for drafting a Safety and Emergency Plan, useful for identifying the fundamental nucleus of the museum collection and establishing the list of saving priorities in case of emergency.

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