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Mazzini Lab organizes training courses, including theoretical lessons and practical exercises, developing them according to customer needs, the type of structure (archive, library or museum) and the number of people to be trained, taking into account the specialisation and professional background of each.

A network of experts 

For this activity, Mazzini Lab uses the support of the Scientific Technical Committee of SOS Archivi, and relies on experienced and authorized personnel.

The training modules may include:

Risk prevention

The concept of risk, the risk variables, the probability of occurrence of an event, the assessment of the extent of damage.

Risk mapping

Knowledge of the environmental context, analysis of the characteristics of the conservation building, in-depth knowledge of the collections.


Corrective actions

Identification of intervention priorities, risk mitigation, study of products and services on the market.


Emergency team

Training and management of a team dedicated to emergency management, identification of tasks and division of responsibilities.


Emergency response

How to react in case of emergency, who to contact, planning of priority activities.


Practical exercises

Practical exercises in collaboration with Firefighters, Civil Protection and companies specialized in the safety of cultural heritage.

The characteristics of our courses:

Generate awareness

A path of awareness of a culture of risk prevention to respond in an organized way to the threats caused by small and large emergencies.

Multidisciplinary approach

The approach is multidisciplinary, with a program divided into modules that provide a verification of both theoretical and practical skills with the aim of preparing the structure to deal with real emergency situations.


Tailor-made modules

The structure of the course, the number of modules, the level of depth can be adjusted and modified according to the needs and budget available.




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