Emergency Plan

Mazzini Lab, with a strong experience in the field of emergency in cultural heritage, and thanks to the support of the Scientific Technical Committee of the Association SOS Archivi, is ready to support you in the development of an Emergency Plan tailored to your structure, both flanking internal resources, and creating the plan from scratch, collecting all the data and information needed.

Attention to available resources

In compliance with the laws and regulations, Mazzini Lab supports museums, archives and libraries in preparing a plan in line with the budget and available resources.

The activities of Mazzini Lab:

Analysis of hazard scenarios

We examine the hazard or threat scenarios identified during the risk assessment activity.


Assessment of available resources

We assess the availability of internal and external resources for risk mitigation and emergency stabilisation.

Coordination with emergency services

We coordinate the structure with the emergency public services (Fire Department, Carabinieri, Civil Protection).

Analysis of existing regulations

We determine if there are any regulations related to emergency planning at the facility.

Actions of assets protection

We develop protective actions for the safety of cultural assets (evacuation, safe storage, etc.).

Training and drills

We train staff by assigning responsibilities in case of emergency and organize practical exercises to verify the effectiveness of the plan.


What’s Heritup?

Heritup is the app of Mazzini Lab built specifically for the assessment of risks on cultural heritage and for the creation of Security and Emergency Plans designed for institutions, companies and individuals who have a collection.

Purposes of the service

Heritup is a service designed for the protection, safety and emergency management in GLAM environments (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) with an attention to content (works) and container (buildings).

The output of the service will allow the customer to receive all the information necessary to anticipate or deal with any small and large emergency situations.

Heritup is

A repository.

A single repository for floor plans, catalogs, insurance policies, emergency team contacts and much more.

A tailor-made service.

Our risk management and risk assessment experts create a customer-specific Emergency Security Plan in time, offering the possibility to update the collected data and useful information at a later date.

A tool of analysis.

Thanks to the Emergency Security Plan, it will be possible to evaluate and manage any critical issues such as: fire, theft, flooding, earthquakes and so on.

Programming instrument.

The information will be available in a single document: it will be easier to decide and plan investments and actions related to protection, conservation and restoration.

Monitoring tool.

The monitoring actions for the preventive conservation process can be implemented with innovative solutions (data loggers, etc.).

A point of reference.

The intervention teams and all stakeholders involved will have a Reference Plan always available in secure and secure (cloud) mode.

A training tool.

Adequate training and ongoing operational training will enable the team to react effectively and significantly reduce damage.

A support for maintenance.

An alerting system managed by the provider will enable maintenance activities to be regularly planned and monitored with regular warnings.

A means to create awareness.

Thanks to the clarity of the information, it will be easier to involve and spread awareness inside and outside the GLAM sector.