A heritage to be valued

Mazzini Lab helps your institution to create and enhance the historical archive, a unique heritage that testifies to the values of the organization, which can be used to achieve any business goal.

Our way of working

Our consultants will guide you in the creation of your historical archive, from the reordering to the choice of appropriate software, proposing subsequent actions to enhance the content.

Our advice can help you:

Choose between digital or analogue access

Determine whether access to the collection will be analog, digital or hybrid; if the collection is made up of physical goods only, create a plan of digitization of materials.

Choose the conservation rooms

Choose the storage location of the archive, ensuring that the Guidelines provided by the Directorate-General for Archives are respected.

Planning the investments

Study an investment plan that allows you to maximize the beneficial effects of a historical archive that maintains its value in the future.


A historical archive helps in the following functions:


Authenticate messages and business activities.



Serve as the basis for any history-related initiative, such as an anniversary campaign.

Corporate culture

Support the involvement of new recruits and immerse them in the corporate culture.

Corporate responsability

Support the legal department in matters of intellectual property infringement or corporate responsibility.


Provide the basis for telling the company’s history in a monographic publication.

Shows and exhibitions

Provide materials for an exhibition on company products or services.